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Hello Staffordshire is a new communication tool which allows citizens and residents to playfully interact with their environment, and have their say on its future. Through text-based interactions with street furniture around public spaces in Staffordshire, anyone with a mobile phone can join the conversation!

What's in it for YOU?


Give your feedback on your local neighbourhood!


Fun and interactive way to share stories and opinions on the future of Staffordshire.


Participate in local decisions and keep informed on the latest changes.

How to play

All you need to chat with objects is a basic mobile phone! It’s free to play (standard text messaging rates apply) and suitable for all ages. Look out for call to action signage on streets and passageways.

  1. Look out for signage on street furniture around the area.
  2. Text object using the designated phone number, e.g Hello Lamp Post
  3. Keep chatting, find other objects nearby or come back another day for a different conversation!







Safer Roads in Staffordshire

Launching in June 2021, cyclists in parts of Staffordshire are invited to share their thoughts and opinions about how safe they feel on the roads.

In collaboration with Staffordshire's Safer Roads Partnership, familiar everyday objects including trees and benches, have become interactive in the local area to share important safety information and to find out what people have to say.

Make Staffordshire Sustainable

Residents in parts of Staffordshire are invited to share their thoughts on climate change, and what we can do to tackle it.

Together we can Make Staffordshire Sustainable. Whether you are a resident, a business or a community group, even the smallest things that you do can make a big difference.


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